MAR 2015
The Official Collector's Report for The Art of Motor Marc Lacourciere


Time Flies

In the first quarter of 2015, I have been crazy busy travelling to LA, Ottawa, Florida and Mexico making these past months feeling like only a few weeks.

Travelling to Los Angeles to meet with C3 Entertainment Inc. to create new products using my artwork. Experiencing the "Hollywood lifestyle" was exciting as I was able to go to a recording studio and watch professionals work on the newThree Stooges project. After multiple meetings throughout my time in LA a well-deserved laugh was much needed.

We set up our gallery at the Ottawa motorcycle show on the coldest day of the year and the coldest place on the planet. While the show was great, getting a flat tire while driving created a stressful 10 hour drive. The show featured a lot of custom bikes which were great to see and I met a lot of new people who have given me inspiration to work on new motorcycle artwork. Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) & Bobby (Mark Boon Jr. ) from the Sons of Anarchy TV show came into the gallery and loved my work. Tommy favouring the music fine art and Mark favouring the motorcycle art. Ballets were filled out to win the Red Friday Thunder print which the show ended with a happy collector.

Ottawa coldest on planet

Sons Of Anarchy

Motor Marc Exhibt Display

The Big Unveiling, Fender Legends

The Rock Legends cruise finally came and after a year and a half in the making I was finally able to unveil my Fender art piece. With the words 'extraordinary' by those who have seen and purchased a print, I was pleased to show it off as it has 32 musicians and Leo Fender. With a large applause to fill up the room an overload of emotions came through when I finally got to lift the curtain to show it to the crowd. There are only 32 prints in this collection each having a pencil sketch of one of the musicians on the back making it an original art piece. As well as the successful Fender piece I also finished Spiritual Harmony which is a painting dedicated to Rock Legends cruise and NAHA, the Native American Heritage Association.

Fender Legends Unveiling - Image #1

Fender Legends Unveiling - Image #1

Bruce Springsteen

Spiritual Harmony

Rock Legends Cruise Meet and Greet

The Alice Cooper print 'Welcome to my nightmare' received amazing feedback from fans as well as Alice Cooper himself. One of the moments I treasure the most from this job is being able to show my work and to see the happiness my work gives to others. Alice Cooper wanted to know what techniques I used, what kind of paint, he was full of questions which I was more than happy to answer. During the time we spent with him he told us a story I'm happy to share with you. For every show, the great Mr. Alice Cooper uses a different snake. The snake gets to fly first class with its own special cage, heating pad and special lights, anything to make the journey as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, the snake was hungry during the flight and when Alice went to go check on his snake, he noticed that instead of his tongue coming out from his mouth he saw an electrical cord. The snake had eaten the heating pad with it still being plugged in. Once the plane had landed they took the snake over to an animal hospital where he underwent surgery. Thankfully the snake pulled through and now lives a glorious life in a beautiful zoo.

Also on the Rock Legends cruise I was able to enjoy great concerts meeting our friends making new friends and many musicians including Don Felder, singer song writer for the Eagles. One of his most known songs which also happens to be one my favourites; Hotel California. Don was amazed at the amount of detail I incorporate in my artwork.

Marc And Alice Cooper

Marc with Alice Cooper and his band

Don Felder

Summer Camp For Kids

Pink Floyd tribute band had a concert here in my home town in Windsor which I was happy to donate a print to help raise money to pay for kids to go to a summer camp. The auctioned print raised enough money to send 6 children to camp. This event made us feel like we really helped our young community to enjoy a wonderful summer.

Pink Floyd

Remebering Good Times

I want to take this time to think of my friend Keith Freeman who passed away from a motorcycle accident. He was man who would do just about anything to make someone happy and I am blessed to have known him and to have shared my life with him. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Keith Freeman


On a personal note, working with a personal trainer Carlos Caray, I have lost a total of 15 pounds!!!!! WhooHooo!!!! I plan to continue working out and eating healthy (although I do enjoy my favourite after eight mint chocolate after dinner.) This new healthy lifestyle has been a challenge but Linda and I are both on the same path and we are keeping each others weakness at bay by providing strength for each other.

My wife Linda and I recently returned from a much needed vacation and spent good quality time together swimming in the ocean and spending some time snorkelling. For those of you who remember how much I like watches and bracelets the BIG barracuda that came by definitely remembered. Our resort had a coral reef which we frequently snorkelled. At times I would forget to take off my jewellery, and there he would be, swimming by watching every move I made. As intimidating as it was I remained calm, as Linda would swim as fast as she could back to shore. One of the most memorable parts of the trip was being able to feed the sea turtles. My daughter Melanie was surely jealous back at home as sea turtles are her favourite.

Sea Turtles - Image #1

Sea Turtles - Image #2

Great News

Family always comes first in our lives; we have three amazing children and two beautiful granddaughters. And we just found out our daughter Aimee and her husband Matt are expecting their first baby in September. We can't wait! Not feeling so well for the first few months put her back a little bit with her paintings. You can check out her website


Marc and Linda

Back To Work

As hard work never ends, I am keeping busy in the studio starting on my new Sturgis rally art piece as well as a new music art piece. So keep looking on both my websites and for my new artwork. Matching number sets for the Legend Rider series are almost sold out, don't wait and place your orders.

Legend Rider Series

Thumbs Up!



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