OCT 2006
The Official Collector's Report for The Art of Motor Marc Lacourciere

Motor Marc New Releases - 2014 2nd Quarter


Sorry for the slight delay in getting out my latest quarterly newsletter. But, as you will see in the Newsletter I have been quite busy painting and recovering from a hockey injury.

Model Search

Model Search

Motor Marc is proud to announce a search for models for Legend Rider VI.

When we return from the Sturgis South Dakota show, we will be providing information regarding online applications.


Jason Bonham

I got a chance to meet with Jason Bonham the drummer for Led Zeppelin at the Led Zeppelin Experience concert.

Jason noted that he was going to forward the print to fellow bandmates Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones.

Also, the rock legend Santana has one of my special prints.

View the Santana print here

Legend Rider V

Legend Rider V

The legend continues as the red beast drives through the dirt and dust, while a curious wildcat looks over the scene.

Great Indian spirits roam the earth protecting it's innocents.

Years fly by as the eagle soars, roads change directions, water flows smoother but father and daughter memories will forever last the same.

Poppy Love

Poppy Love

Indian Motorcycle©

Embracing the soft feel of a beautiful flower relaxes the mind while giving warmth to the soul.

The aroma of the breeze dances through their delicate petals while she prepares for the journey ahead.

Night Rider

Night Rider

First in a new series of sunset fine art.®

A glowing sunset sky sets the mood for a late night riding venture. The roads are horribly paved with heavy ruts as the bike swerves through the darkened hidden obstacles. His glowing headlamp guides him to safety as the night critters come out to praise the darkness.



Painter of the open road edition®

No matter the heat, no matter the dirt and oil. One's mechanic love for working hard with her hands will have no boundaries.

Alice Cooper - Welcome To My Nightmare

Music Fine Art

Welcome To My Nightmare

Alice Cooper


Alice Cooper (songwriter / musician / vocals)

Solo Artist

Welcome to a rockers nightmare, no one defines shock rock like Alice Cooper. A Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and a great musician whose career spans five decades.

Emerged from the Detroit scene of the 1970's in a flurry of long hair, makeup and sequins to rock with a sense of showmanship. Alice simultaneously strikes fear into the very core of his audience that would cement his identity. He is the ultimate rock star of twisted and bizarre theatrical performances with iconic songs that we grew up and sing along with.

I've seen the show many times which really inspired me to paint him in his element with his pet boa snake.

Father Cobra

Carroll Shelby Foundation

The Carroll Shelby foundation called regarding a licensing agreement. A part of proceeds from every Carroll Shelby licensed print will be donated to the foundation.

They expressed how much they loved the print and that they really appreciated the amount of detail in the artwork.

Oasis Of The Seas HSR 2013

High Seas Rally 2014

Be aware that I will be starting the High Seas Rally painting for 2014 around September. This painting will be a very special piece and totally unexpected scene. Along with the painting there will be a special gift attached.

Remember to save all your pennies for the auction as there will be something special for the Debbie's Dialysis Fund.

Debbie's Dialysis Fund

For every sale of a High Seas Rally art canvas, a donation is made to Debbie's Dialysis Fund

"Cruising For A Cause"

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