2014 1st QTR
Motor Marc Art
The Official Collector's Report for The Art of Motor Marc Lacourciere

Motor Marc New Releases - 2014 1st Quarter


Father Cobra Father Cobra
Painter of the open road edition®

Inspired after meeting the late Carroll Hall Shelby.(1923-2012) 'Motor Marc' creates a tribute painting to honor Carroll's automotive achievements. He is a legend as an American automotive designer, racing driver, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Carroll will always be known for his creation of the AC Cobra and the Mustang based high performance cars for Ford. He had a passion for the Carroll Shelby Foundation, which provides aid for children battling life-threatening medical conditions with medical facilities around the world and the continuing education of children.
With your purchase of this amazing limited edition print Motor Marc will donate a portion of sales to Carroll Shelby Foundation.

Print prices start at $1,200

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Bubblegirl Romance Bubblegirl Romance
Painter of the open road edition®

Arriving home late afternoon. She peels off layers of stress to enjoy the calm serenity of nest.
She soaks in a bath with nothing but the sound of bubbles popping as they caress her skin.

Print prices start at $700

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Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon
Music Fine Art
Dark Side Of The Moon
Pink Floyd
David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Richard Wright, Nick Mason
Classic Rock Band Collection

Pink Floyd is one of my all time favorite bands. They were an English rock band that achieved international acclaim with their progressive and psychedelic music. Their high level of instrumental music and showmanship when they perform on stage is what I wanted to portray in this painting. Giving credit to artist Storm Thorgerson with his iconic graphics and glowing lights, brings this painting to life with an hypnotic feel. Founded in 1965 Pink Floyd to date have sold more then 250 million records worldwide. In 2005 the band reunited for the last time but their music will be heard forever.
My tribute painting brings the past and the present together to keep their legacy alive as one of the most unique rock bands.

Print prices start at $1,300

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