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The Official Collector's Report for The Art of Motor Marc Lacourciere

Motormarc Newsletter - 1st Quarter 2011


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At the beginning of the year our crew spent time in Scottsdale, Arizona at the annual Barrett Jackson Classic Car Auction. "Motor" Marc, was the Barrett Jackson official artist for 2010. Many car enthusiasts, celebrities, and Barrett Jackson officials stopped by the gallery last year and took the opportunity to sign three canvas prints and one poster, including the late Nellie Jackson, co-founder of the annual event in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Signatures also included baseball legend Reggie Jackson, automotive designer Carrol Shelby, CEO/Chairman Craig Jackson, the Barrett Jackson Auctioneers, singing sensation Jordan Sparks, and a whole host of other big names have also lent their signatures to the artwork. All signatures are authenticated with some photographs.

Recently the only paper poster signed piece was auctioned at the Barrett Jackson - Palm Beach show. Nascar team owner Rick Hendricks winning bid of $90,000 was donated to the Darrell Gwynn Foundation. "Motor" Marc also donated the sale of the first signed canvas to the same foundation in 2010.

There are ONLY two available signed pieces left. Be part of Classic Car Collectable history today.

For all inquiries call Marc's direct studio line 519-735-7779.

Alaska Adventure Cruise

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The 3rd Annual High Seas Cruise to Juneau, Alaska is soon upon us. Juneau boasts one of the highest Harley ownerships per capita of any city in the USA.

Motor Marc is happy to announce special art for this year's cruise. This year fans are in for a treat, as Marc will reveal his new High Seas Alaskan artwork during the event.

This year, Marc will incorporate the amazing Alaskan surroundings in this exclusive piece. The Alaskan landscape and wildlife will be a big part of this intriguing work of art. Look for polar bears meandering through the frozen tundra as massive glaciers break open the icy shell. Caribou, and roaring grizzly bears will keep viewers in awe. Hugh whales and soaring schools of salmon will flank the Spanish Galleon. And don't forget about the many new hidden treasures for you to find and win.

This is a one of kind piece so make sure you reserve yours now.


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Grandpa's Gift is the 1st in an exciting new series of Motor Marc paintings. This is storytelling at its best. With every piece unveiled the viewer can follow along with Little Bobby as he grows into the stages of his life. See him sprout into a young man whose love of cars grows into a profession. Revel as his passion for restoring classic vehicles turns into owning his own dealership. Rejoice as he himself becomes a father and grandfather, and passes on his knowledge to his own children. Many of our fans have had these special moments in their lives and now Motor Marc helps you relive those memories with this continuing series.


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Don't forget to check out Marc's new music art series.


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Many of Motor Marc's fans have been asking us for more information. So Motor Marc decided to start a Facebook Page. Become a fan of Motor Marc's enticing site. Add him as a friend or click Like on his page, and you will get to see interesting videos, and news on latest releases, even some behind the scenes photos as well. There is always something new going up on this page so check often.

Please join Marc on Facebook as the "Newsletters" will eventually be phased out.

Look for Motor Marc's newest videos and keep up with what's going on at Motorgraphics Collection Inc. Just type in his name and you will be transported directly to his new and innovative video montages that are tons of fun to watch.


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One of the fastest growing divisions at Motorgraphics Collection Inc. is Private Commissions. A one-of-a-kind painting that tells your story is a must have if you are a motor enthusiast.

Our goal is to make your dreams come true, and a one-on-one consultation with the artist will make that happen.

If you have a classic automobile, tricked out motorcycle, an antique plane, or you just want to capture your favorite moment - then a private commission piece is for you. Click on the Private Commissions tab on the main page of this website, and you will see just how accurately Motor Marc captures a piece of your life's history.

As all of Motor Marc's artwork increases in value, you would be leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come. A truly unique and intriguing investment in your family's future.


Catherine 'Cat' Tonner is no stranger to paint, arts and graphics! She grew up in Milton Ontario where she spent many summers during her formative years apprenticing for her father Barry Tonner at his sign and graphics shop in Milton. After completing her Bachelors and a Masters of Science, she moved to the United States in 2001 to attend Texas A&M University (TAMU) to pursue her doctorate in Marketing. During her studies she had the opportunity to work with and publish along side some of the most well respected and prolific Marketing Researchers of the century.

To date, her research and publications are primarily focused on the decision making process of consumers, and consumer behavior and psychology. During her tenure at TAMU she taught a handful of undergraduate classes over a two year period in a variety of fields including management and marketing, providing her unconventional experience in a very different form of sales: selling the idea of learning! In addition to teaching at the University level; Cat's research interests and National presentations span fields such as risk management, marketing and consumer behavior.

With her studies behind her, Cat migrated into corporate America gaining experience in complementary fields such as community relations, public relations, marketing and sales in industries such as Semi Professional Sports and Supplemental Healthcare. Her sales and marketing experience coupled with her interest in Music and Art, make her a natural fit for the Motor Marc's Art family and team.

Personal Announcement

Proud parents .. my son Shawn and his wife Aline with Michelle Grace
My wife Linda and I holding our precious first grandchild Michelle. Art lessons are scheduled for our future star in a couple of months..
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