OCT 2006
The Official Collector's Report for The Art of Motor Marc Lacourciere

Motormarc Newsletter - Nov 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy!!
Marc apologies to all for not releasing a newsletter or updates any sooner, however with the shows, and so many commissions there was just not enough time. Now that we have more people on board, we can take the time to give you our latest news.

2008 1st to 3rd Quarter
This year has been very exciting. Motor Marc has completed many new titles and we are pleased to say that the response has been great, all prints are doing well. He has also signed new artist licensing agreements with The Three Stooges Estate and Indian Motorcycle and is working on something new .. more info to come soon.

08 Gallery Shows
All our shows of the year went very well. Despite the harsh economic times we started out very strong and finished successful. We met many people and made many new friends. We also managed to photograph many bikes and people for Marcs next lifestyle paintings. You know that we always look forward to our shows on the road, we hope that you come out and see us, even if its just to say hello.

Charity Paintings

Red Friday Thunder

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If you dont know this already, Motor Marc has a soft spot for the troops and has painted several pieces depicting the U.S. and Canadian Forces. Portions of the proceeds go to charities that help homeless vets get off the street and give them a leg up in life.
Money To Burn

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Motor Marc has a new piece that benefits breast cancer charities both in Canada and the U.S. Money To Burn depicts Jackie a breast cancer survivor, who has a conservative attitude, quickly changes with her diagnosis. She exchanges her business suit for an iron horse and leather chaps. The expression on her face says, Look at me now cancer, I beat you.

NEW RELEASES / 3rd Quarter

Wrong Way Getaway Three Stooges

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With horns blaring and sirens whaling, Larry, Moe and Curley take to the streets in a sidecar rig with the local coppers hot on their wheels. Just what has Curly been up to? Why is Shemp hunting them down?

The zany madcap antics of the Three Stooges are immortalized in this fun-filled work-of-art, depicting the comedy legends running from the long arm of law, yet again. Hi-jinks ensue as they boys lead the chase through the city streets, leaving mayhem and confusion in their wake in classic Stooges style.

As the only free-hand licensed artist to ever paint the Three Stooges, Motor Marc has captured the essence of wacky mischief and light-hearted hilarious fun with this colorful and expressive piece showing the three, in a Wrong Way Getaway.

With a 1930s vintage sidecar clattering and sputtering down the narrow cobblestone streets of New York City, and the Manhattan Bridge as a backdrop, you can almost propel yourself into the era, and hear the banter and exclamations from the three jesters as they lead-foot it out of town.

Fans of the Three Stooges and motorcycle enthusiasts alike, will want to own this undeniably unique piece from Motor Marc, a first in his new series of paintings. This is not a scene from a movie or photograph, this is a rare and imaginative work-of-art. Truly a must have for all die-hard Stooges fan.

What an event! Hundreds show up from all over the globe to celebrate Indian Motorcycles Grand Opening. Theyre back in business, and we were there to celebrate as well. As the officially licensed artist for Indian Motorcycle Motor Marc is pleased to release Spirit of the Road.

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Authentic perfection is the selection of legendary warriors. Heritage and performance continues with these mighty American made heavyweights.

First off the production line in its signature red is the new Indian Chief Vintage, with the same look and feel of the historic classic. Along side rides the mid-40s Chief, whos sheer power allows you to soar with the eagles as you feel the force of the open road coursing through the well-crafted machines.

The great spirit of the Indian Chief is depicted as the two riders seamlessly float on the element of wind, which speaks of riders past. Motor Marc connects the strength of the natives with the power in these iron horses. As a native himself he has utilized the abilities of the wind, sky, and land, to draw your attention to these uniquely designed motorcycles. This officially licensed limited edition work-of-art will impress true Indian motorcycle enthusiasts, uniting them with a by gone era.

Any of you who have collected the American Chopper series that Motor Marc has painted are going to be very happy. If you havent purchased any of these pieces now is the time to do so. The next few months will be your last chance to get any of these popular pieces. We have stopped production on this collection due to our licensing agreement. The series did extremely well and prices will be climbing as these limited edition prints will be very rare to find. Order now for a great investment in your future.

Well thats it for now. Please keep checking the web site for new painting and prints.

Marc's newest release HOHS08 painting is up and will be officially unveiled on the HOHS rally Nov3rd week on the Royal Caribbean Cruiseline.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this over. Dont forget Motor Marc does commissioned pieces, so if you have a favorite moment that you would like immortalized on canvas, contact Motor Marc. There is no artist as detailed and as imaginative as Motor Marc.


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