OCT 2006
The Official Collector's Report for The Art of Motor Marc Lacourciere

Motormarc Newsletter - May 2005

Finally, we have released my new Motor Marc Lacourciere Art Newsletter. I really appreciate all of your patience. I've been buried in my studio creating new artwork, and busy designing my official trademark, the new Motor Marc brand. Why Motor Marc you may be asking yourself, well I have been around the motor world my whole life. As a child I played around with pedal cars and mini bikes. Then in high school rebuilding engines and building up cars and motorcycles, and of course sketching in my notebooks. Nowadays sharing my passion for the motor world with my artwork. So it was only natural that my friends and family nickname me Motor Marc. I have great plans for next year's schedule with more motorcycles, choppers and new line of new and exciting Motor Marc products.

With all this said comes a completely newly designed web site with new art, prints, artist proofs and a new line of products. Please keep in touch and tell your friends to register to our newsletter.

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