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Legends of Freedom


Legends of Freedom

Legends of Freedom

Painter of the open road edition®

In honor of all our veterans

There they were, sitting across from a great legend, looking up and down as his delicate hands holding a model war hawk moving it through the air. A hero today recalls his aerobatics battles for freedom.

Like the boys at one time, "I would do anything I mean, I would do anything to fly". I became the airplane every time I flew, and I absolutely knew I was gonna survive the war, he says. I had no fears of dying, no fears of being hurt I just flew fearlessly. I flew this P40 Tiger as I was the airplane. Every maneuver was easy for me to do, instantaneously.

A short story is just one of many told by a World War II veteran’s. The Second World War was the most widespread and deadliest war in history, involving more than 30 countries and resulting in more than 50 million military and civilian deaths. Only three volunteers P40 Tiger pilots are known to be alive today. Between them, they're carrying the legacy of one of the most fascinating stories of World War II.

This special painting decorates Motor Marc’s tribute to the veteran heroes of the Arm Forces that allows us to have our freedom. A portion of the print sales will be donated to the ROLLING THUNDER ORGANIZATION and military families in need.

Giclée on Canvas
Fine Art Paper Signature Print
Size 1
30" x 40"
20" x 26"
Size 2
24" x 30"
125/15 AP
300 / Veteran Special
Print comes framed with certificate of authenticity
AP / artisit proofs prints are priced separately, call for info - (519) 735-7779. Prices are also subject to change based on after-market availability and do not include shipping and handling.
Ask about the: Exhibition Collection / Hand Embellished Print Series. Limited to editions of 25 prints for sizes measuring: 22" x 30" and 30" x 40"
CALL TO ORDER: (519) 735-7779
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